• Actress name: Becky
  • Birth date: March 6, 1984 (18 years old)
  • Height: 157cm
  • Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Favorite food: Soybean flour, bean paste ramen noodles
  • Disagreeable food: A chocolate, red bean paste
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Hobby: Eye the collection of pocket straps, karaoke
  • Nickname: The BEKI child
  • Parents: Father: Britain, Mother: Japan
  • Becky 1st. Photo & Essay 11-01-2001 Sony Magazines Inc., ISBN:4789717631, Size(cm): 30x21, 104 pages
  • Order: Becky 1st. Price: 2400 Yen ($18.50)
  • Becky TV 3800Yen
    Becky TV DVD

    A bright invigorating girl! The first image video of beauty girl idol Becky of the large break by each TV program performance. The image of the fan must which can carry out skilled [of the girl and her of OTONA who had exotic clothes on]!
    At a beauty girl idol, it is top class. Becky who wraps the body in the tradition clothes of Okinawa, unites with the Okinawa folk song, and dances, Becky of the China dress. Even if it takes anything, Becky's natural brightness and natural freshness are felt! The charm of Becky who changes into the adult from the girl is unbearable to a fan.